Test-tube Trouble


IVF Mix-Up

In Szczecin, a local newspaper brought to light the story of a young woman who unknowingly gave birth to another woman’s child. Głos Szczeciński hailed it “one of the best guarded secrets of Szczecin medical circles”. Apparently, the details are known only to a handful of doctors who would only talk to the press anonymously. In August 2014, the woman in question gave birth to a baby girl with numerous birth defects. When the parents asked for a DNA test, it became clear that the woman is not biologically related to the baby. It is thought that a mistake must have occurred during the in-vitro fertilisation procedure, at which point the father’s sperm was used to fertilise another woman’s egg. “There have been known cases of so-called chimeras, babies whose DNA was different from that of their [biological] mothers; however, nothing indicates that this is one of those cases,” says one of the doctors. Another medical professional expressed hope that it was a genuine human error rather than the deliberate action of some well-meaning person aware of the family’s previous failed attempts at artificial insemination. The hospital has launched an internal investigation into the mix-up.
Gazeta Wyborcza

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