Yellow Cards Replace Parking Tickets

Out with the Old...

Out with the Old…

The Municipal Guard (Straż Miejska) in Zamość had decided to borrow an idea straight from football: rather than dishing out parking tickets and clamping people’s cars, they present drivers with yellow cards. “Setting up radars all over the place is hardly a solution. We are trying to show people that slapping parking tickets on them is not what we are all about,” explains the head of the local Municipal Guard Krzysztof Adamczyk. The guards have been testing this new preventive measure since December. As they point out, it only applies to those drivers whose transgressions do not endanger other people. Re-offenders should not expect to get off this lightly. According to the guards, the new approach is already working. “We have noticed that, ever since we introduced this practice, people have been driving slower and, most importantly, they have been paying more attention to the traffic. Since December, we have handed out about 100 cards,” says Adamczyk. He appeals to drivers not to take the warning lightly. One driver who received a yellow card told the press, “I am going to do my best to avoid getting a red one. A warning like this makes you more careful.”
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