Expensive Visas to India

Visas Needed

Visas Needed

Obtaining an Indian tourist visa has recently become more difficult and even more expensive. Visas to India are one of the most expensive for Polish travellers. Applying for a visa is possible only at BLS International Visa which has its headquarters in Warsaw. Applications may also be submitted at the Embassy of India in the capital of Poland. Until now, it was possible to post the application but from 1 February 2015 new visa requirements were introduced. According to BLS International Visa, “Visa applicants must have their biometrics (fingerprints and photograph of face) recorded when they submit their applications at BLS India Visa or at the Embassy of India in Warsaw. All persons coming to record their biometric data have to come themselves in order to submit their visa application.” This means that anyone who would like to obtain a visa to India has to come to Warsaw and spend time and money only to put their finger on a fingerprint scanner. The total cost a tourist visa is PLN 232 but it is also necessary to pay an additional PLN 25 for posting back the passport with the visa. What is more, the fee can be paid only in cash. Interestingly, at the end of November 2014, the Indian government announced the introduction of electronic visas for 43 countries among which are Germany, Luxemburg, Finland, Ukraine or Russia. Poland was not included for security reasons. Indian tourist visas are one-off and valid up to six months.

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