Frank Denounces Nazi Parents

Niklas Frank

Niklas Frank

Niklas Frank, born in 1939, is son of Hans Frank, Third Reich minister, nicknamed the “butcher of Poland”, and Brigitte Frank, who wanted to gain social advance at the expense of breaking moral rules. In early spring 1939 Hans Frank was appointed by Afolf Hitler head of the occupied Polish territories, later General Government. The next day he told his wife Brigitte (née Herbst) about this fact: “You will be the queen of Poland”. As a young boy, Niklas Frank lived with his family in Wawel Castle in Kraków. His childhood was fearless, even though at the same time thousands upon thousands of Polish people were being slaughtered. In February 2005 a Polish Newsweek journalist met him at the Berlin InterContinental. There, Frank told him about his feeling of responsibility, which had overwhelmed him as a result of his father’s crimes. In 1987 Niklas Frank wrote “Der Vater” (“The Father”), in which he denounced his father, who was sentenced to death during the Nüremberg trials for his war crimes. He approaches his mother with the same contempt as his father. Thanks to letters, diaries, official documents and his own memories, he wrote her biography “Meine deutsche Mutter” (“My German mother”), which was published in Germany. The biography is the story of an ambitious and cynical woman, who was ready to trample over every moral code if it might give her a chance of social advance.


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