Innovative Operation in Poland

Hand Transplant

Hand Transplant

Specialists from the Department of General and Transplantation Surgery of Warsaw Medical University (Teaching Hospital of the Infant Jesus in Warsaw) conducted, for the first time ever in Poland, a cross kidney transplantation from living unrelated donors. The operation was a success. “It is the culmination of our hard work,” admit the doctors. They are already preparing for even more complicated surgery because they want to make the transplantation not between two but between several dozen couples (chains). The first kidney transplantation was performed between two couples. Men wanted to donate their kidneys to their partners but they could not do so because of incompatible blood types, cross match test and other qualification procedures. The couples had to exchange (replace) their kidneys to be qualified for transplantation from unrelated living donors. Such treatments are allowed in Poland. The Teaching Hospital of the Infant Jesus in Warsaw has been preparing for this transplantation for three years. In the United States cross transplantations have been performed for many years and carried out simultaneously even among several dozen pairs. However, this method requires the coordination of many transplant centres and such transplantations have not yet been performed in Europe. 40% of all transplants from living donors take place in the Teaching Hospital of the Infant Jesus in Warsaw. In 2014 there were 55 such transplants carried out in Poland.


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