Co-working in Poland

Will It Work in Poland?

Will It Work in Poland?

If you cannot afford to rent an office and for whatever reason do not want to work at home, you can always consider renting a desk in a co-working area. According to online magazine, approximately 300,000 people worked in nearly 6,000 such spaces worldwide at the end of 2014. Co-working started off in Poland in 2009 and the number of these shared offices has been growing systematically since then. Unsurprisingly, mainly in major cities, where there is sufficient demand to make the business economically viable. At present, half of an estimated one hundred or so Polish co-working spaces are situated in Warsaw. It is not only typical co-working firms that offer desks for rent: Idea Bank, which positions itself as a bank for entrepreneurs, has also decided to provide co-working services. Typically, against payment of a low fee and without the need for a long-term contract, you can expect a desk, access to office equipment, wi-fi and coffee. It is possible to rent a conference room if needed. Co-working companies also offer office administration services. You can register your business at a co-working firm address, have correspondence sent there and simply show up just to pick up your letters without actually working at the place. Some companies want to distinguish themselves from competitors and build client loyalty by offering something special. It can be anything from a free home-made cake sure to attract those with a sweet tooth to an event corresponding to the declared interests or professional profiles of co-workers. Low costs and flexibility are the principal advantages of co-working. Additionally, if you like working among people, co-working spaces can be appealing. Even if occasionally the noise level might prove a disadvantage, you are likely to meet freelancers with a variety of skills and casual chat at the coffee machine can inspire new business ideas.
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