Users Help Family Pay Debt

People Connecting

People Connecting

Internet users have rushed to help a couple who became embroiled in debt in order to pay for their son’s medical treatment. The response to an article published by Wirtualna Polska was overwhelming. “We’ve received many letters with words of encouragement. We have also received food, clothes, and even money,” says Grzegorz Smoliński, the boy’s father. His son’s health problems started when he was 17; however, it was only two years later that Przemek’s doctors arrived at the correct diagnosis and by then it was too late to save his life. The boy needed expensive medication, so his parents borrowed money from wherever they could. Tragically, Przemek died and the family was left with over PLN 80,000 to pay. Whatever little money they make is nowhere near enough to clear the debt. After Wirtualna Polska wrote about the dramatic situation of the family, internet users selflessly offered to help, sending whatever was needed. “We’ve received food parcels, detergents and clothes,” says Danuta Smolińska, Przemek’s mother. “We’ve finally been able to light up the stove because some people brought us some coal,” adds Grzegorz. Furthermore, the district authorities set up a dedicated bank account, which currently holds about PLN 48,000. “I don’t even know how to thank everyone. I didn’t believe strangers would help people in need, but now I think I can believe anything,” says Danuta.

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