Warsaw Bridge Arson Attack

Put Out the Fire (c) Newsweek

Put Out the Fire (c) Newsweek

Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz has recently said that “shall do her utmost” to see that Warsaw receives the support it needs to renovate Łazienkowski Bridge. She added that she has talked to some government ministries, including the Department of Finance. Kopacz said that, according to information from Warsaw City Hall, the initial estimate of damages and the costs of renovating Łazienkowski Bridge will not be completed soon. “Since the matter is of great important and concerns the capital of Poland, I shall my utmost to see the government helps the city in this particular case,” said Kopacz. She added that she was to meet Mateusz Szczurek, Minister of Finance, to discuss the matter. It took over 12 hours to put out the fire which in all probability was an arson attack. The bridge has since been closed until further notice paralysing traffic in the capital.

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