Polish Eurovision 2015

Monika Kuszyńska

Monika Kuszyńska

The Polish public broadcaster TVP has announced that Monika Kuszyńska, former vocalist of popular group Varius Manx, will represent Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest, where she will sing “In the Name of Love”. “It came as a shock and I began to wonder whether I was the right person for the job, whether I was good enough to do it. My first instinct was to run,” said Kuszyńska right after her nomination was announced. The motto for this year’s Eurovision is “Building bridges”. The journalist interviewing Kuszyńska noted that the vocalist has already managed to build bridges with regards her disability and career, Kuszyńska concurred saying: “It was only after the accident happened that I realised there is a big divide between these worlds and I think of myself as a bridge between the two. My dream is to help eradicate these artificial divisions. I think this will be my motto for this Eurovision.” Monika Kuszyńska began her career in a group by the name of Fahrenheit, where she caught the eye of Robert Janson of Varius Manx who offered her a place in his band. In 2000, Kuszyńska replaced Kasia Stankiewicz as the vocalist of Varius Manx. Six years later, the band was involved in a car crash; Kuszyńska was seriously injured and to this day remains partially paralysed.
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