Free Public Transport

Free Transport

Free Transport

Kościerzyna, as the first city in Pomerania, will introduce fare-free public transit. As of 1 April, both residents and tourists will ride free of charge. The idea is the brainchild of the new mayor Michał Majewski. “Our goal is to limit traffic and reduce air pollution by encouraging residents to use public transport,” explains the mayor. Routes and timetable will remain unchanged. “If everything goes well and residents switch to buses, we will add an additional bus line, provided that we are able to find the money to do so,” says the mayor’s assistant Jacek Konkol. In the city of 24,000 people, over 70% of residents are entitled to reduced-fare tickets; therefore, ticket sales generate a relatively small profit. It is estimated that once the changes are implemented the city’s public transport expenses will increase from PLN 250,000 to about PLN 300,000. The relatively small impact on the budget is due to “the number of passengers, the size of the city and the possibility of switching between using public transport, riding bikes, driving cars and walking,” says Marcin Gromadzki, owner of Public Transport Consulting. “Introducing fare-free public transit should raise the importance of public transport in Kościerzyna,” he adds.
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