Psychotropics For Kids

Keep Away from Kids

Keep Away from Kids

Marek Michalak, Commissioner for Children’s Rights (RPD), has urged Polish Health Minister Bartosz Arłukowicz to address the problem of accessibility of over-the-counter drugs, especially those containing psychoactive and addictive substances, to children. Minors in Poland are currently able to buy every pharmaceutical drug available without a prescription. The regulation of the Minister of Health of 26 April 2010 on the readability of instructions of use for drugs does not provide comprehensibility tests for children. It is therefore questionable, as the Commissioner pointed out, whether key information contained in the instructions, like dosage or side effects, will be intelligible to minors. He also mentioned that according to current legalislation there is no provision banning minors from access to medicinal products. Polish legislation does not set any restrictions on the availability of OTC drugs to minors under the age of 13, who have no legal capacity. Circumstances, under which a pharmacist may refuse to sell a drug, do not fully cover the needs to protect minors, the Commissioner explained. He added that under current law, children cannot use health care services without the consent of their legal guardians. They may, however, purchase a medicinal product without such consent. The Commissioner concluded that giving minors carte blanche with regard to the purchase of medicinal products is inappropriate, since only legal guardians should be able to make decisions concerning treatment and care and be able take full responsibility for their health.

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