Crime on the Rise

More Needed?

More Needed?

One billion dollars’ worth of goods have been stolen from Polish shops over the last two years. An increase in theft has been observed caused in all probability by a change in the law. The Polish government increased the amount of money up to PLN 450 which qualifies as an offence. A thief can now only be fined instead of being brought to trial. The lion’s share of all thefts are committed by organised crime groups. They steal alcohol, electronic devices, clothes, cosmetics and coffee from all over the Poland. Not only is poor legislation to blame for this situation but also a lack of a record of offences. Now, organised crime groups can steal in different regions of Poland and be fined several times without further consequences. Another reason for the growing rate of theft is the poor level of security as most security guards are over 40 with one in ten over 60 years old whereas thieves are usually between 18 and 45 years old. The Ministry of Interior is working on changes to the law and on setting up a record of offences. However, it is said that there will be no change in the law for the next two years, that is the term of office of the current Civic Platform (PO) government.

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