Plastic Surgery in Poland?

Changing Face of Poland

Changing Face of Poland

According to the Polish Association of Medical Tourism (PAMT), the Polish market for medical tourism was valued at PLN 1.4 billion in 2014. This has increased by 10% when compared to the previous year and is still expected to grow approximately 10% every year, PAMT president Artur Gosk revealed. In 2014, Polish medical facilities and clinics were visited by around 390,000 foreigners who paid an average of PLN 3,600 for their procedures. Foreign patients are particularly interested in dentistry and plastic surgery; however, there is also a visible growth of interest in areas such as neurosurgery, orthopaedics and oncology. Why are foreign patients attracted to Polish clinics? Firstly, the cost of services is much lower when compared to the cost of the same services in different countries. For example, the average cost of a facelift in the USA is PLN 60,000, whereas in Poland for the same aesthetic procedure patients pay PLN 10,000, implants in the UK cost around PLN 12,500, whereas in Poland the price is PLN 5,000 Secondly, according to a TechSciResearch report, impressively equipped clinics provide high-quality treatment and the doctors are world-class experts. What is more, Poland’s location in the centre of Europe, cheap accommodation, low-cost flights and tourist attractions are advantages which undoubtedly encourage foreigners to visit. This week, a three-year programme promoting Polish health care centres in 7 European Countries came to an end. Unfortunately, experts say that the results are not as good as expected due to a lack of sufficient financial support. The question, therefore, is: will the business keep flourishing despite this obstacle?

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