Crowdsourced Market Research

Genius of the Crowd

Genius of the Crowd

Polish companies can now check whether their promotional materials have been correctly set up in a shop miles away from the company head office or whether an event organised by a third party provider is following the agreed scenario without sending employees to do field work as mystery shoppers. The task can be assigned to any smartphone owner who is nearby and wants to be involved. This is a market research formula offered by ABR Sesta, a consultancy run by Sebastian Starzyński and Marcin Dobek. The project is based on, a mobile application developed by Tomasz Rogalski and modelled on the American FieldAgent solution. The application relies on crowdsourcing in doing market research. In practice this means engaging ordinary people in analyses and tests commissioned by businesses. The precondition for candidates is to have an Android smartphone with internet access. Plus they must be willing to take up the task. The app displays a list of tasks and users pick the ones they want to perform. The nature of the tasks can differ, for example users can be asked to document with a photo the availability of products in a shop or the arrangement of items on shelves. They can also check prices, report consumer behaviour or report places in the public space where repairs are needed. For each single task completed correctly a previously agreed fee is offered. At present, about 2,000 agents are registered. Their work is assessed just as the performance of regular employees would be, that is based on the photos they send and GPS tracking to confirm that they were actually present on the site. Market research conducted with the use of the application is mainly popular with FMCG and electronics manufacturers for auditing points of sale that offer their products.
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