Business Process Outsourcing

Kraków Business Hub

Kraków Business Hub

2014 saw an intense development of business process outsourcing and shared service centres (BPO/SSC) in Poland. The boom drove up the demand for office space outside Warsaw by as much as 34% and investors were quick to spot opportunities in the high absorption capacity of Poland’s regional markets. On the one hand major Polish cities are expanding their offer of office space that meets the requirements of foreign institutional investors, and on the other, BPO/SSC tenants, increasingly interested in Polish regional capitals, help to keep rent there at a stable level. In Wrocław, for example, contracts with BPO/SSC accounted for 81% of all office space leases signed last year and in Kraków their share was 69%. Over 470 shared service centres run by 325 investors operate currently across Poland, providing more than 130,000 jobs, most of which is in Kraków. Typically, specialised services for business comprise IT, tax and accounting, and HR administration. The sector prospects for the upcoming 2-3 years are optimistic, with a particularly bright outlook for IT service centres. According to a recent KPMG report, Poland is the global second most attractive location for the development of outsourced IT services, outranked only by India, which remains the unsurpassed leader. Poland is perceived as a country inhabited by many talented young people with high ICT skills. The country’s economic stability and sustained growth coupled with European Union membership is a safeguard of business security for companies that outsource IT services. The chief advantage of business process outsourcing is that it can considerably improve the quality of services while reducing costs. Another benefit stems from cost flexibility and, in the case of new solutions, shorter time to market. Experts forecast increasing popularity of BPO/SSC in the near future and note that while outsourcing is becoming a standard procedure for businesses, as much as 73% of public sector organisations still do not use it in their operations.
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