Height Instead of Age

Car Seat

Car Seat

The height of a child and not his or her age will determine whether or not a child has to use a car safety seat. The age limit, which is currently twelve, will no longer be key, according to draft amendments to the Road Traffic Act on which a parliamentary infrastructure committee has recently begun work. The changes are set to adapt Polish law to EU directives concerning the usage of car seat belts and car safety seats. The draft amendments proposed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development ban parents from taking children up to the age of three in cars not equipped with safety belts and prohibits transporting children smaller than 150 centimetres in the front seat without a car safety seat. The draft amendments will also allow children to be transported without a car safety seat in the back seat. At present, every child up to the age of twelve, shorter than 150 centimetres should use a car safety seat. After the changes parents will be allowed to have their child in the back seat provided that he or she is at least 150 centimetres tall and is wearing a safety belt.

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