Helping Polish Parents

Looking After Little Ones

Looking After Little Ones

During a visit to Kłodawa (in Wielkopolska Province) Polish President Bronisław Komorowski said that he will present an amendment to the Labour Code implementing a more flexible system of parental leave. “I will set forth an act that modifies the Labour Code so that parents can use parental leave for the benefit of their families, for working parents and their children. The point is to implement a law which facilitates the life of parents who work and at the same time raise children without ruining their business,” said the President. The Office of the President prepared the Family Bill which envisages changes to the Labour Code giving the possibility of combining parental leave with a part-time job up to 64 weeks. An employer would have to accept the employee’s request for a reduction of workload, flexible or individual working time and a shortened working week unless the organisation and the type of work carried out by an employee do not give that possibility. As it was claimed at the time, the bill also mentions non-discrimination at work on account of family duties. Bronisław Komorowski said that the bill which he is going to submit is important to Polish families and at the same time his 26th legislative initiative. During the meeting with the inhabitants of Kłodawa the President warned against, as he put it, “political con artists who canvass for votes making empty promises, giving out billions which do not exist. I aim to work, not make empty promises,” said Komorowski.

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