Cities Dying

Urban Wasteland?

Urban Wasteland?

By the year 2035, Polish cities will be completely depopulated. Will their residents move to London? Not at all. They will flee to the Polish countryside. The Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) has conducted research that clearly shows the number of people living in Polish cities has decreased whereas in the Polish countryside the population is rising. What is the reason behind this migration? One of the greatest advantages of the countryside is nature. To ensure decent conditions for the healthy development of children, parents often decide to sell up in the city and buy a house with a sizeable plot of land in the country. Also, living in a village is much cheaper. This explains why even pensioners decide to move away from cities. What is more, Polish villages have yet another advantage nowadays: they are connected to the internet, which means you can now sit in your bedroom and be in any place in the world.

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