Child Glitz



“I know you want it, be a good girl and just smile. No whining, go on,” says the mother of a child beauty pageant contestant, who does not want to compete. Beauty pageants, castings and shows for children have recently become popular in Poland owing to internet beauty pageants and shows like TVN’s new ‘Mali Giganci’ (Little Giants). To be accepted parents have to send in videos of their kids dancing or singing. Dorota Zawadzka, Poland’s ‘supernanny’, expresses her scepticism about parents enticing their kids into performing age-inappropriate dance routines from the videos of Rihanna or Donatan&Cleo. The short films with promiscuously dressed children tend to go viral on YouTube and receive flattering comments. Zawadzka is astonished that such videos are being published, however, she is less surprised about their popularity. “People like people and animals that are disproportionate, have a big head and small torso: panda bears, Winnie the Pooh or babies. Besides, comparing is our favourite pastime. Parents complain about their child not being as smart, talented or beautiful as someone else’s,” says Zawadzka. Edyta Dwornik, ex-pageant contestant and owner of a model agency, admits that it is hard to keep pace with the times. Nowadays, everyone’s ambition is to become a celebrity and be recognisable. Fortunately, agencies send back parents whose common sense is beclouded by their ambition. However, there are still agencies that cooperate with such parents.

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