Swipe Card Bins

Bins of the Future

Bins of the Future

Technology helps to eliminate offensive smells, overfilled waste bins and the problem of household rubbish dumped furtively by people who do not pay for its disposal. A residential area of historical interest in Czerwionka-Leszczyny in Upper Silesia and the old town in Toruń now have underground waste containers for the selective collection of refuse. Already in use in the Netherlands, Scandinavia and in the south of Europe, the solution remains a novelty in Poland. The underground containers in Czerwionka’s residential estate from the late 19th and early 20th centuries  are the first installation of this type in Silesia. The containers were bought and fitted under a revitalisation project co-financed by the EU. Each consists of an underground part with a capacity of 3 cubic metres and a smaller part on the surface. Local residents open the latter with swipe cards to dispose of household refuse. An electronic system alerts the facility administrator when the containers are 80% full, which means that waste is removed when needed rather than according to a fixed schedule. With the new installation in place waste sorting has improved considerably and so has the appearance of the vicinity. Also Toruń has appreciated the aesthetic as well as the functional benefits of the solution. In a pilot project the city has installed several sets of underground waste containers with a capacity ranging from 3 to 5 cubic metres. In each case the design of the overground part was approved by the local conservator of historic monuments. A spokesperson of the mayor of Toruń stresses that the pilot has been well received by residents, waste sorting is much better now than under the previous waste disposal system, and the city intends to have more underground containers installed in the upcoming two years.
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