Convention Against Violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Polish President Bronisław Komorowski has signed a Council of Europe Convention, which concerns the eradication of violence against women and also seeks to eradicate domestic violence. The event took place in the headquarters of a foundation that fights for women’s rights. President Komorowski said that victims, weaker and injured people should be protected. He stated that following negotiations with his legal team he has found that the Convention is not contrary to the Polish Constitution. Surprisingly, the Convention does not have a great many followers in Poland and what is more, it has not yet been ratified. According to Komorowski, this international treaty will have a positive effect on Polish law in the future. “It is important as it will prevent pathological situations and therefore injuries and fatalities in many families in Poland. Thanks to this legislation women will be additionally protected against violence, discrimination and stereotypes. According to the law, every citizen is equal and should not be discriminated against in Poland and the EU.

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