Counterfeit Medicine

Fake Drugs

Fake Drugs

The production of counterfeit medicine in Poland is a growing problem. The head of the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate Zofia Ulz says that the quantity of fake medicine is still on the increase. This is happening due to the fact that counterfeiting medicine is much easier than counterfeiting money. According to World Health Organization (WHO), Polish people spend an approximate PLN 1 million on counterfeit medicine, most often on antibiotics and hormones. Interpol and Europol, local police authorities and pharmaceutical inspectorates from different countries including Poland are coordinating operation “Pangea”, which was instigated to check websites, herbal stores and markets. Thanks to “Pangea” 11,000 websites were closed down and 450 people were arrested in 2014. Zofia Ulz also announced market surveillance studies on suspected illegal products, in which medicine, dietary supplements and cosmetics had been tested. Tests from 2013 showed that half of all dietary supplements in Poland, obtained from both legal and illegal sources, contained psychotropic or narcotic drug substances.

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