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Meaty Heaven

Meaty Heaven

The factories of Pini are one of the largest employers in the Łódź region. Approximately 3,200 people are employed there. A Pini Polska, factory is to be built in Kutno at a cost of PLN 200 million. 400 tons of smoked meat products will be produced there every day, and 800 people will find employment in the factory. Pini Polska is one of three Pini factories in the Łódź Special Economic Zone. Pini Polska is one of the largest and most modern red meat factories in the world. It is due to open this month. There are 22 packing lines, that will pack 80 tons of bacon, 130 tons of smoked meats, 130 tons of cooked hams and 60 tons of salami. Another modern factory, Pini Polonia, specialises in slaughtering pigs. The third factory, Pini Hamburger, produces white sausage. It includes seventeen output lines, uses the most advanced technical solutions in producing portioned meats, minced meats and other products.

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