Headteacher Sentenced

Wiping Away School Funds

Wiping Away School Funds

Violetta G. has been sentenced to two years probation by a Łódź court for pocketing PLN 13,000 of her school’s money. She also has to pay a PLN 2,500 fine. Half of the stolen money should have been used for meals for the poorest of the school’s children. The judgement is not final since the woman did not appear in court. The defendant borrowed the money on the pretext of needing it for the renovation of the school which she said she would later give back later. She was suspended and the case went to the prosecutor’s office, and after six months went to court. However, two months after hearing the charges, the woman received an award on the occasion of National Commission of Education day. Several days later, officials explained themselves, saying they knew nothing about the woman’s criminal charges.

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