First LOT Profit in Seven Years

Flying High?

Flying High?

During a presentation of the results of the company, the chairman of LOT Polish Airlines, Sebastian Mikosz, said that LOT made a profit on the transportation of passengers in 2014. The is PLN 126 million for 2015. LOT ended 2014 with a profit of PLN 99.4 million, PLN 30 million more than expected. The company is effectively stabilising its finances and developing rapidly. It is the first time in seven years that LOT has made money on the transportation of passengers, the company’s chief mission. This figure is actually 40% higher than was expected in  the restructuring plan for 2014, the year in which LOT purchased and introduced the Dreamliner into its fleet. The Boeing 787s seem to be extremely popular among passengers, but, what is more, their high fuel efficiency has helped LOT cut costs. Mikosz concluded by saying that 2014 was extremely successful for LOT. 2014 proved that the Polish operator is able to compete with other airlines. 2015, he said, needs to see a repeat of last year’s financial success, and sustained profitability.

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