Pendolino vs Dart

Pesa Dart

Pesa Dart

Poland’s Pesa is manufacturing a new series of trains, which will be in direct competition to the new Pendolino train. In May, tests are scheduled for the PesaDART. PKP Intercity has already ordered twenty trains for which they will have to pay more than PLN 1.3 billion. The trains can travel up to 250 km/h, but due to the poor Polish rail infrastructure they will only be able to reach 160 km/h. The new trains are fully air-conditioned, are equipped with heated seats, electric sockets and wi-fi. What is more, they are said to be incredibly comfortable, and include baby changing facilities. The train can accommodate 352 passengers, including sixty first class passengers. The trains will contain a bar and kitchen area and a special room for bikes and larger luggage. The PesaDart is distinguished by its modern design and aerodynamic lines. The roof will have a special inverter, which will increase passenger comfort by reducing noise.

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