Ticket Fight Continues

Centre of Controversy

Centre of Controversy

The case of a badly stamped bus ticket has been going on for three years. Joseph Rosa boarded bus number 129 in Wrocław and stamped his ticket, but the machine jammed and instead of printing the date and bus number, it stamped a random list of numbers on his ticket. Moments later, a ticket conductor began to check passenger’s tickets and Mr. Rosa received a fine of PLN 120. He wrote an appeal, but the Municipal Transportation Enterprise (MPK) refused, arguing that “there is no reason to cancel the request for payment”. After several months of exchanging letters, MPK refrained from referring the case to court, but Mr. Rosa’s complaint still has not been taken into account. As a result, the fine still stands. Mr. Rosa decided to take the case to court, demanding PLN 4,800 in compensation for “humiliation and slander, and moral damage caused by the MPK Wrocław ticket puncher device”. He wants MPK to pay the money to charity. MPK has called for the case to be dismissed. At the first hearing, the court agreed to accept the evidence, including the issued ticket and a copy of all correspondence between the passenger and MPK. The court gave the passenger a chance to comment on MPK’s response.

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