Beery Side of Poland

Famous Polish Beer

Famous Polish Beer

Do Polish people enjoy drinking beer? Recent research shows that 88% of Poles have a beer at least once a year. Polish people consume 121.5 litres of beer per person every year. This puts Poland in third place in Europe. Lager is the most consumed type of beer in Poland, what is more, the significant increase in popularity of flavoured beer has been noted in the past few years. Polish people appreciate good quality; however, price is still a key factor and Poles prefer low-priced alcoholic beverages. Poland continues to import and export alcoholic beverages. Most beer imported to Poland is produced in the Czech Republic, Estonia and Germany. On the other hand, most Polish beer is exported to Hungary, Romania, Italy, Canada, USA and Cyprus. A recent trend has meant that the larger breweries are facing a loss of customers who have started to put their faith in small regional brands.

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