Dietary Supplement Abuse

What About Food?

What About Food?

The National Food and Nutrition Institute warns against a new trend in Poland that is the excessive intake of dietary supplements rather than keeping to a healthy and balanced diet. The sale of dietary supplements is increasing, leading to large profits for a number of companies. The most popular supplements are those that can allegedly help people stay fit and beautiful. People believe that pills and artificial powders containing vitamins and minerals are a quick fix for their health and beauty problems. Michał Jarosz, head of the National Food and Nutrition Institute suggests that Poles undergo education in the area of nutrition and diet. The main goal is to make Polish people aware of the benefits of a balanced diet as the key to staying fit and healthy. What is more, Poles do not realise that taking dietary supplements should be consulted with a specialist such as a doctor or a dietitian as they could be a health risk. According to Jarosz, research shows that some dietary supplements are simply ineffective. He adds that all that people need to live long and healthy can be obtained by eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions, and consuming the right amount of food and drink.

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