Poland at EXPO 2015

Milano 2015

Milano 2015

The Polish pavilion at this year’s Universal Exposition will focus on exhibiting Poland’s potential in the agro-food sector. The theme of EXPO 2015, which will be hosted by Milan from 1 May to 31 October, is “Feeding the planet, energy for life”. In keeping with this theme, Poland intends to present itself as a food powerhouse with a particularly interesting range of apples, raspberries, currents and aronia berries. “We want to show that Poland is the largest poultry producer in Europe, the second largest exporter of beef, and a leader in soft fruit, apples and mushrooms,” says Sławomir Majman, commissioner general of the Polish Section at EXPO 2015. Italy is a major food producer itself, so the organisers of the Polish section have decided to exploit the similarities and differences between Italian and Polish products by publishing a special cook book with recipes that combine ingredients drawing on  the culinary traditions of both countries. 2015 has been declared the year of Dante in Italy, which finds echoes in the motto of the Polish pavilion. It reads “Have all hope, ye who enter here,” a reversed version of Dante’s “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”. The Polish pavilion, including an impressive apple orchard inspired by Józef Mehoffer’s picture “A Weird Garden”, is to be the fourth largest at EXPO 2015. It will be the venue of special events promoting particular Polish regions. The economic programme of the pavilion centres on the promotion of Polish exports, envisaging also a conference on investment prospects in the food industry. Polish Day on 13 September will offer opportunities for business-to-business meetings. The cost of Poland’s participation in the EXPO is estimated at PLN 57 million, of which 75% is to be financed from EU funds.
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