Nestlé Abuse

Not Cocoa?

Not Cocoa?

The Nesquik cocoa beverage cannot be advertised as cocoa due to its ingredients, according to the Committee of Advertising Ethics, part of the Union of Associations Advertising Council, which published the decision in the Act of 19 February 2015. The television ad which has been the centre of recent controversy featured sleepy kids during breakfast, who turned into energetic and happy children after drinking the Nestlé cocoa drink. The ad said that breakfast was the most important meal of the day and that the new Nesquik recipe, with the addition of milk, would help kids grow up happy and healthy. According to the consumer that filed the complaint, information about the product presented in the ad was untrue and misleading to consumers. The product shown in the commercial was called cocoa; however, it did not met the legal regulations necessary for it to be called “cocoa” the consumer argued. The advertised product contained ingredients like sugar, emulsifiers and aromas which are not permitted for use in cocoa itself. In consequence, it can only be called a product which one can prepare to make a drink which uses cocoa, the consumer continued. In the official response to the complaint, Nestlé Poland admitted that the word “cocoa” was used inaccurately in the TV commercial, and that the product should have been called a “cocoa beverage” instead. The company added that the mistake was the result of an erroneous translation of the product name at the stage of preparing the label for Nesquik, and that the mistake was then repeated while making the advertisement. Nestlé Poland also assured the general public that the mistake had been already noticed and corrected. The company also pointed out that the word “cocoa” had only been used once in the ad. This, according to Nestlé, is proof that it was not an intentional mistake.

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