Grand Prix in Poland 2015



The Grand Prix speedway tournament on April 18 saw more than 50,000 fans descend on Poland’s National Stadium in Warsaw for a competition that should have been gripping, awe-inspiring and a great deal of fun. The event was famous but for all the wrong reasons. After twelve races the tournament was stopped because the competitors were afraid to compete on the dangerous surface. “I’ve heard that the organisers did not know how to get rid of the moisture on the surface. This doesn’t justify the poor quality of the surface as the people involved in preparing the it should be able to deal with a variety of conditions. Besides the technicians were already aware of the problem the day before when training was cancelled. It’s not rocket science,” says Erik Gundersen, who won the world championship three times and now works as a coach. Gundersen also added that the Grand Prix in Poland should not have begun at all. It would have been saved the fans, as well as the speedway riders, both time and money.

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