Night of Museums in Warsaw 2015

Museum of Polish Jews

Museum of Polish Jews

Culture aficionados are happy to lean that the dates for this year’s Night of Museums in Warsaw have been announced. The event will take place on the night of 16 May (which includes, of course, the morning of 17 May). This will be the 12th time the Night of the Museums has taken place in the capital city of Poland. On this night culture freaks, tourists and those looking for something different will have free access to a long list of museums and other places of interest many of which are not usually open on a daily basis. 240 museums and institutions will participate in the Warsaw Night of Museums 2015. Among them will be 50 museums and the Office of the Prime Minister, the Polish Lower House (the Sejm) and the Polish Senate.

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  1. Gidon Reichstein · August 25, 2015

    when is Night of the Museums 2016 in Warsaw


    • Raf Uzar · August 25, 2015

      My guess is that it’s around the 16th May.


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