New Power in TVN


Poland’s Media Giant

On March 16 the Polish media was buzzing with the shocking news that TVN, Poland’s largest TV station, changed owners. Surprisingly, the race for dominance over the Polish television market was won by Scripps Networks Interactive. Just a week prior to the announcement, there was speculation that Poland’s TV giant was about to be sold off but no one believed the rumours. Now TVN employees are asking themselves the question of whether this fresh new start also means a raft of dismissals. Joe NeCastro, the development director of Scripps Networks Interactive has said there will not be any blood letting, furthermore, SNI emphasises that the company is focused on implementing family values and morals and that they care about their employees’ safety and well-being. In light of the recent sexual harassment scandal surrounding Kamil Durczok in TVN, NeCastro’s statement has been extremely well received. Additionally, SNI has many plans for TVN, one of which is expanding the online TVN Player platform. SNI believes that TVN is a good investment which Joe NeCastro feels responsible for because, as he revealed, he was the one who convinced the SNI management board to invest in TVN Group.

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