New Symphonic Investment

Symphony Orchestra

Symphony Orchestra

For a few months now Poland has a new reason to be proud. The source of this newly arisen excitement is the new building of the National Polish Radio Symphonic Orchestra (NOSPR) in Katowice, a true architectural jewel in Poland’s crown even on an international scale. Though it was initially founded in 1935, this new investment cost PLN 265 million (€66 million) and has brought a fresh, astonishing design to the city. There are two entrance squares that surround the main building joined by a catwalk which heads to a fountain. The architects also developed an amphitheatre and a park with a marvellous labyrinth inside. Apart from the red-bricked façade, the most important and the most impressive part of NOSPR is, of course, the hall itself which contains 1,800 seats for guests and an additional 220 seats for the orchestra and choir. The shape of the hall resembles a vineyard and has all the qualities of the most famous orchestra halls in the world, including an exquisite acoustics and majestic décor.

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