Polish Medicine Cheapest in EU

Spoonful of Medicine

Spoonful of Medicine

The Polish Minister of Health Bartłłomiej Arłukowicz said at a press conference recently that medicine in Poland are the cheapest in the European Union, thanks to the Reimbursement Statute passed in 2012 that enables experts of the Health Ministry to negotiate competitive prices with pharmaceutical manufacturers. “The three years of negotiations have resulted in a decrease in the price of medicine. This is why we were correct to pass the statute that now restricts the exporting of medicine abroad. We undertook all of this to secure low prices of medicine for Polish citizens,” according to Arłukowicz. He then pointed out that parliament passed an amendment to the statute that requires manufacturers to obtain permission from the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate before being able to sell pharmaceuticals abroad. Also, pharmacies will have to make purchase orders to medical factories in writing. When a factory declines to sell a particular product to a pharmacy, it will have to present this refusal on paper. According to the Minister, this will ensure maximum control of the way that a medicine passes from the manufacturer to the pharmacy. The transport of pharmaceuticals abroad without the approval of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate will be penalised. This fine could be as high as 5% of the annual net income of the manufacturer.

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