Smolensk Tragedy Chaos

Crash Site

Crash Site

“Confusion surrounding the fragments of the Tupolev [crashed Polish Presidential plane] is absurd to me,” according to Kazimierz Maszk who has come up with the idea of creating a monument dedicated to the victims of the Smolensk disaster in Kościerzyna. A piece of the presidential plane that crashed five years ago, was brought from Smolensk to Kościerzyna by a town resident. They put it in a case, then added a commemorative plaque, which was unveiled and blessed recently. The Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office will be investigating this situation and the prosecutor will examine the origin of the object and determine its value for any investigation. “It’s funny that it the fragment of the plane has become so controversial,” says Kazimierz Maszk. He explains that the person, who found the piece of plane lodged in a birch trunk, acted in good faith.

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