Wilanów Squirrel Yarn

Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel

For squirrels the most important thing in life are nuts. However, in Wilanów (a district of Warsaw), a TVN24 reporter noticed a squirrel holding a ball of yarn in its paws. When it realised it was being watched, it tried to hide its trove in a tree hollow. The reporter said, “I saw something strange happening and went out to take a photo”. The ball of yarn was caught in a hole next to the hollow and the squirrel was unable to hide it there. According to reporter, there are plenty of red squirrels in Wilanów but it was the first time he had seen a squirrel hiding a ball of yarn. Andrzej Miozga, head of the “Little Mammals” section of Wrocław Zoo states that squirrels often behave this way when they have kits. He confirmed this by the fact that in Wrocław Zoo there are squirrels which like to hide bird quills, lace and sticks: “All that is soft serves to cushion the squirrel nest”.

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