New Gdańsk Zoo Cat

Sand Cat

Sand Cat

A Sand cat called Zabi has arrived from Berlin and become the new attraction of Gdańsk Zoo. The animal has already adapted to its new home. The animal’s natural environment are the sandy desert areas of Africa and South-West Asia. “The cat feels good and isn’t stressed at all, comes to us and eats from our hands,” reports Marta Gurbiel, the cat’s keeper. “We called it Zabi after Abu Zabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates”. To begin with Zabi only had one pen, but he was such a curious animal that another one had to be installed. “He’s curious about everything and is checking out every nook and cranny of his new home,” adds Mrs Gurbiel, “We don’t want him to be bored”. The zoo keepers are now wondering about finding a friend for him. It should be a male, not a female because Sand cats are loners. Sand cats are well adapted to life in deserts. They eat rodents, snakes and insects. It can burrow in sand and hide there in order to protect it against the intense desert sun. It is a unique animal, but is unfortunately endangered. Its main threats are habitat decay and ‘hunting for sport’. 

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