Polish Food Industry in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Appeal

Hong Kong Appeal

Polish companies are looking for investment opportunities outside Europe, most recently in Hong Kong. “Hong Kong has for several years been a gateway for our grocery industry into China,” says Lucjan Zwolak vice-chairman of the Agricultural Market Agency. Annually, Poland exports goods worth approximately €70 million to Hong Kong, but the potential is considerably greater. In order to make use of this potential, Polish companies will present themselves at the Food-Expo tradefair, which begins 14 August in Hong Kong. It is one of the most important food industry trade fairs and exhibitions in Asia. Eight companies, including Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Łowicz and Słowianka will present their goods as part of the Agricultural Market Agency stall. 15 butcheries will present their products as part of the Association of Craftsmen and Smoked Meat Producers stall. “We have had twice as many applications as there are places,” says the deputy chairman of the Association of Craftsmen and Smoked Meat Producers. Conquering new markets is particularly important for butcheries today. Due to the outbreak of the African swine fever virus in Lithuania, then in the Podlasie area in Poland, the import of pork from infected areas was stopped in Russia, China and Japan. The meat industry estimates that in the first half of 2015, the value of pork exports could fall by 20%. Similar problems may soon be faced by fruit and vegetable producers, because from 1 August Russia will impose a ban on the import of Polish apples and cabbage. The Middle East also provides good perspectives for the meat industry. Krzysztof Jażdżewski, deputy Chief Veterinary Officer announced that the chances of exporting more beef to the Middle East are increasing. Moreover, there are more countries that are ready to accept the stunning of animals in slaughterhouses, which is required by Polish law. It is also possible that in the coming months this solution will be accepted in Saudi Arabia. Polish veterinaries are also in touch with inspectors in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. Polish beef might also appear in North Africa. Agreeing a model veterinary certificate with Tunisia is currently pending. In July, Algeria will open its market for Polish beef. Also from July, Japan will resume the import of Polish beef. “This process has taken over five years to complete. It shows how time-consuming it is to obtain export rights,” said Jażdżewski.


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