India is the New Direction

Rupees to Poland?

Rupees to Poland?

On 26 March 2015 discussion panels entitled “New export directions” and “Export chances for Polish companies” took place in Business Link Warszawa. The participants included Ryszard Sznajder, president of the Polish-Indian Chamber of Commerce; Michael Dembiński, chief advisor of the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce; Dariusz Karwowski, chief project manager of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) and Piotr Soroczyński, chief economist at Export Credit Insurance Corporation (KUKE). Ryszard Sznajder mentioned that most Polish companies are still not interested in cooperating with India and the trade balance is still low despite its expansion, which clearly illustrates this attitude. Furthermore, Polish enterprises should use the fact that Indians are generally positive Poland. Sznajder encouraged Polish business to show an interest in the Indian market and its almost unlimited possibilities. Other topics covered were the Russian embargo on food imported from Poland, which started another discussion on how to support exporters. There was also a discussion on new market goals and the promotion of Polish exports in China.


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