Jesus Pales in Comparison

New Idol?

New Idol?

Father John Bashobora, the controversial priest from Uganda, is coming to Poland. On 4 July, he will appear at a stadium in Zamość, where, for the price of PLN 40 (plus an optional donation of PLN 10), his followers will get to spend the entire day in his company. Out of 8,000 tickets available, 90% have already sold out. Bashobora has a PhD in theology and is a member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement. He claims to have both healing powers and the ability to bring people back from the dead. It is not Bashobora’s first visit to Poland. Only a year ago, 58,000 people welcomed him at the National Stadium in Warsaw at the invitation of Archbishop Henryk Hoser’s. In 2009, Bashobora was supposed to appear in Lublin, but the meeting was cancelled due to the vocal protests of the late Archbishop Józef Życiński, who said: “While visiting Lublin, another priest from Uganda informed me with a soft, compassionate smile that this supposed miracle-worker is much better known in Poland than in Africa. If one were to rank Christ against Bashobora, Christ would pale in comparison, as amongst the people Jesus raised from the dead, one would not find as many as 26, which is the number attributed to our guest from Uganda.”
Gazeta Wyborcza


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