App for Deaf People

Hearing App?

Hearing App?

Mateusz Mach is a teenager who has been inspired by hip-hop culture to create an innovative app for Android, iPhones and Apple watches, called Five. The application allows users to send hand signs to one another just like rappers do in “real life”. His intention was to create a device which will provide an entertaining way communicating quickly. He has been working on the app for six months together with two other programmers in order to further develop the first app. He was surprised by the fact that his new app was seen as useful given the fact that his previous one was not very popular, with only 10,000 users at its peak. According to feedback from Five users, the Apple watch version helps people express more thoughts than through verbal communication. What is more, the app serves as a great engine to build an International Sign Language (ISL) communicator. It seems that deaf people have already begun using it to communicate with each other. In order to improve the app, Mach is working on adding an ISL dictionary to it to transfer selected words into equivalent signs. Additionally, he is thinking about converting Five into a more complete ISL translator. Unfortunately, he cannot devote all of his time to programming due to the fact that he has to study. Nevertheless, he believes he will be able to continue his career in the technology sector thanks to the app.


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