First Underwater Building in World

Underwater Delight

Underwater Delight

The creation of the first underwater building in the world has been discussed in Tricity (Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot). Scientists from Gdańsk University of Technology and Deep Ocean Technology are working together on a project which financed by the National Centre for Research and Development. Initially, the building was supposed to be a research facility, but three years of research were completed without the need of a prototype. At first, a new hotel was to be built in place of the research facility, but ultimately a science centre is planned for construction. The main objectives of the research centre will be exploring new technology, underwater robotics, testing remotely-operated vehicles and a training centre for diving. The construction of the facility is expected to take two years and cost up to PLN 100 million. The underwater building consists of two discs: a steel disc submerged at a depth of 12.5 metres and a second disc above the water. Additionally, the discs are connected with a transport shaft. Three locations are being considered for the building: Beniowski Wharf in Gdynia, near the pier in Brzeźno or next to the breakwater at the entrance to the sea port in Gdańsk.


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