Flirt Trains Revealed

Time to Flirt

Time to Flirt

PKP Intercity is testing one of 20 Flirt trains on a special track in Żmigród. The new trains have been manufactured in partnership between the Swiss company Stadler and Polish Newag. Furthermore, the manufacturers have ensured the public that the whole production process was undertaken in Poland. The cost of 20 Flirt trains will be PLN 1.6 billion. However, the manufacturers are obliged to service the trains for 15 years within this price. The purchase was possible thanks to EU funds with as much as 70% of the price covered by the European Union. The trains are equipped with 360 seats for passengers, two lifts for persons with disabilities as well as air conditioning and sockets for mobile devices. The trains will be able to accelerate to 160 km/h in accordance with regulations, but the technical maximum speed is 185 km/h. Training on how to operate the new trains will soon begin for drivers and instructors who will pass instructions to 250 employees of PKP IC. The Flirts will depart on 15 December 2015.


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