IKEA Buying Wind Farms in Poland

New Face of IKEA

New Face of IKEA

The IKEA Group has bought a wind farm in Wróblewo, in Łódź province, and has pledged to buy another two, in Gizałki and Lubartów. It is expected that these investments will enable the consortium to cover the energy consumption of all IKEA shops, shopping centres, factories, distribution centres and offices. The new wind farms will produce a total of 339 kWh of energy per year. IKEA also has three wind farms in the Subcarpathian province (in Rymanów, Bukowsko and Łęki Dukielskie), which are expected to generate a total of 134 kWh per year. “Investing in wind farms in Poland is another step in the implementation of our global sustainable development strategy, which assumes achieving energy independence by the group by 2020. We want to produce as much energy from renewable resources as we consume in all our shops, factories, shopping centres and offices. As well as wind farms, we also invest in other renewable energy sources, such as biomass combustion installations in factories, solar collectors and heat pumps,” said Evelyn Higler, president of IKEA Retail in Poland.


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