No Fear of Orban in Poland

Orban in Disguise?

Orban in Disguise?

German political scientist Dieter Bingen claims that Andrzej Duda already has a level of independence from Jarosław Kaczyński. He believes Law and Justice (PiS) now has a chance to evolve into a modern conservative party. This transformation will be, however, determined by the youngest PiS activists. Will they be open enough to change PiS into a modern, conservative party, united with the open part of society, or will traditionalist tendencies win? The answer to this question is, according to Bingen, crucial for Poland’s future. Bingen also believes that Poland should not panic about any doom and gloom scenarios that any new governing party will appropriate the country, as has already happened in Hungary. The German media claim that Fidesz, Victor Orban’s party, has spread to every possible corner of Hungary, and they now speculate that the same could happen in Poland. Bingen, however, opposes this view, claiming that a similar situation is unlikely in Poland, because the Polish political scene is too heterogeneous with the domination of one party not being possible.


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