Poland is Home Appliance Heaven

Home Appliance Heaven

Home Appliance Heaven

This May, manufacturers, distributors and experts in the home appliance sector met at the 3rd International Forum of Home Appliance Manufacturers in Pabianice. The main theme of the forum was the future of the industry in Poland and abroad. As the deputy president of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency reports, Poland is a perfect place for such investments. She believes Poland’s advantages include expertise and extensive connections with suppliers in the industry. Poland provides companies with a large customer base with 12 million households but most of all investing in Poland gives access to the larger Eastern European and EU markets. Additionally, Anna Polak-Kocińska claims that Poland can offer an attractive system of support for both domestic and foreign businessmen. Cooperation with the Łódź Special Economic Zone, the centre of the home appliance sector in Poland, shows that Poland is a perfect base for such investment. Companies like BSH or Indesit have been visible in the Zone. According to the head of the Łódź Special Economic Zone, other investors will soon follow suit.


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