Food Ad Restrictions

What is Good?

What is Good?

Restrictions on food commercials are going to harm producers, nevertheless, the ban will not limit children’s access to unhealthy products. According to the Law on Broadcasting no commercials of unhealthy products should be broadcast during programmes for children. On 1 January 2015, the Polish Federation of the Food Industry (PFPZ) agreed to minimise the number of commercials of products that promote an unhealthy diet. However, the Ministry of Culture considered the changes as insufficient and in a draft amendment to the Law on Broadcasting foresees that advertising any harmful products be prohibited. This restriction concerns commercials broadcast before and after broadcasts directed primarily at children under the age of 16. Opinions differ. Dr Mariusz Bidziński, a partner at a law firm and lecturer of Law at SWPS, expresses some reservations about the amendment. In his opinion, products cannot be classified as harmful without having an adequate justification. The Ministry explains that in the long run, the prohibition on advertising will help fight obesity. According to Civic Platform MP Janina Okągły, the best way to change eating habits is through education. Finally, Marcin Żukowski, account manager at Mint Media, says that the only effect of this ban will be the appearance of such commercials on the internet instead of on TV.


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