Śląsk Coal Gone in 25 Years

Shape of Things to Come

Shape of Things to Come

The coal deposits in the Upper Silesia region in Poland will be depleted in 25 years. “The cities located in the Katowice region should prepare themselves for the depletion of coal deposits in 25 years,” according to participants of the “Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia” conference in Katowice. According to the conference participants, in terms of employment perspectives for the region, local cities and towns should begin moving over to services and technologies provided for and developed by local scientists and regional enterprises. What is more, they should avoid global companies. “You should prepare for what has already occurred in the Ruhr valley in Germany. The coal will practically disappear in Upper Silesia in 25 years. You will have to prepare for it in economic terms,” said Christoph Zoepel, a lecturer at TU Dortmund University. He noted that currently renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly more significant in the field of energy production.


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